Why Hand Painted

A hand painted mural provides authenticity, it tells a story and it makes people wonder.

Murals expressed as advertising is something that goes way back and people have always admired these big colorful and spectacular walls. Murals has a very unique ability. It has the ability to showcase artistry, tell a story and become something people recognize without being a pushy "buy this" advertising.

Finding the right wall

The key to a succesful mural location is not to find the most populated area, the key is to find a wall that connects the client with the right area, atmosphere and audience.

Talented artists

We collaborate with some of the absolute best artists in and outside of Denmark. The potential and talent is endless, and we can paint everything from simple lines to ultra photo-realistic paintings.

Video and Photo

The creational journey of making a mural is candy for social media platforms, and we offer to provide you with professional footage including a time-lapse, small video clips and photos.

Rest your soul

When you work with us, you only have to focus on the fun stuff. We make sure to handle everything in regards to contracts, landlords, governemnt permissions, painters as well as maintenance afterwards.